Since 2008, Cable Tapes UK has been recognised as a trusted supplier.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience, Martin Van der Zwan and Paul Haines are both equal partners of Cable Tapes UK. Their collective expertise enables them to offer a professional service that ensures every Cable Tapes client receives quality cable materials at competitive rates.

Martin and Paul pride themselves on delivering a service tailored to their customers, based on their shared understanding of the cable supply chain needs and material requirements. Cable Tapes UK is a unique industry provider catering specifically for cable manufacturers and businesses.

Martin Van der Zwan

Formally of Prysmian Cables and Systems Ltd and previously BICC, Martin and Paul started the business in 2008.

Now with more than 40 years of industry relevant experience, Martin’s expert knowledge of cable manufacturing and supply chain management is an invaluable contribution to the company.

He says: "The key to a successful business is to supply a quality product at a competitive price on time, every time and to form partnerships with your customers ensuring that business between us is easy and seamless." Alongside his work at Cable Tapes UK Martin also sits on the board of directors for the IWMA; helping to promote new technology, education and growth in the industry.

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Paul Haines

Formally of BICC and VonRoll Isola, Paul left to develop an alternative mica tape supply to the European Market. In 2008, Paul decided to join forces with Martin and together they launched Cable Tapes UK. Paul and Martin continue to build on their success with an exceptional record of growth and client satisfaction to match.

Paul’s background in cable design and international business development and sales is an asset to the company and brings yet another dimension to the Cable Tapes team.

He says: "Our philosophy has been to forge strong partnerships with the right suppliers and have an open supply chain for the benefit of our customers. We continuously develop new and improved products with all our suppliers, to constantly improve our quality, price and service offering to our customers."

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