Mica Taped Conductors

We have installed 9 new specifically designed high capacity taping machines, making Cable Tapes UK the largest and most modern sub-contract taping capacity in the UK with a capacity of 1 million meters per week of mica taped conductor. We are able to apply single and double layer to conductors from 0.75sq mm right up 185sq mm. Also our unique Jumbo rolls of mica enable us to tape continuous lengths up to 60 kms onto DIN 1000 Drums (dependent on the size of the conductor).

We are currently taping for blue chip companies who find our competitiveness, capacity and service impressive, have commented on the excellent quality and consistency and have realised significant cost savings at extrusion

PDF Download: Mica Taped Conductor Brochure

Tape Slitting and Spooling

Cable Tapes UK provides a rapid, high quality slitting service, for the conversion of all our tapes.

A new dedicated slitting machine, can razor and shear cut a variety of materials including mica, water swellable non-wovens, polyester films and metalised laminates.

We can also spool our tapes into longer length Traverse wound spools.

We hold master rolls in stock and can slit quickly - in an emergency we have provided a same day collection service for our customers

Braid Wire Bobbins

We offer a bobbin winding service for a wide range of different braiders and can wind fine wires to order in tinned copper, plain copper, phospor bronze, stainless steel and galvanized steel as well as a number of specialist wire types including silver and beryllium. Reliable bobbin winding aids efficient cable production.

We have recently invested in a new automatic bobbin winding machine to improve productivity, consistent quality and competitive pricing for larger volumes.

We also offer a wide range of copper braids manufactured to customers’ specifications.

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